Annual membership subscription to the charity:
£10 (£5 for members of the same family where one member is already paying full price)
Just £5 membership will be payable on joining in the New Year, and then the full £10 subscription will be payable in September each year thereafter.

Session costs 2014/15:
standard rate: £55 per term
Concessionary rate: £39.30 per term
standard rate: £27.50 per term
concessionary rate: £18.15 per term
standard rate: £55 per term
Concessionary rate: £39.30 per term
Take 2:
concessionary rate: £27.23 per term
Take 2 are on the concessionary rate due to their status as adults with a learning disability.

Payment should be made termly by cash, cheque, direct transfer or paypal.
If you have problems paying termly please speak to a member of staff who can make alternative arrangements for you.

Payments Policy
Costs are worked out on a basis of a standard charge of £2.50 per hour, and a concessionary charge of £1.65 per hour. These are charged at the number of workshop hours across the year and divided into three equal payments, due at the beginning of each term.

The annual charity subscription remains at £10. (£5 for additional participants from the same family where one member is paying full price).

Concessionary Payment Eligibility
People who are in receipt of one or more of the following:

    • Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Disability Working Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Invalidity Benefit, Working Tax Credit (or equivalent).
    • Full time students
    • If you hold a concessionary reddicard for the year, this can be used as evidence of the above.

Indigo staff will require evidence to be presented when payment is made in order to receive the concessionary rate, or this can be awarded under certain circumstances at the direction of the senior staff.
If you have any kind of financial difficulty please speak to a member of staff and we will always do our best to make appropriate arrangements, enabling you to continue access to provision.

Concessionary rates are also available for families where one family member is paying full price. The concessionary rate will be available on equal or lower priced activities.

Indigo arts is a registered charity and entirely reliant on donations, sponsorship, grants and awards from individuals, trusts and organisations. Our ‘inclusive’ philosophy demands accessibility to all, therefore contributions towards workshops are heavily subsidised & although our highly successful performances allow some fundraising from ticket sales, costs are kept to a minimum in order to ensure they are accessible to the whole community. Any income made is returned directly to the beneficiaries of the project in the form of resources – both human & physical.